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And Only Because I’m Bored…

My Interests Collage!


A Simple Attitude Adjustment

My Dance Prof:

“I’m okay with your performance if you’re okay with it. I enjoy having you in my class; I love your energy.”

I got to the point where I thought, “Look. It’s only one credit, she knows you’re blind and she probably enjoys the challenge, and she also knows you can dance because you took Improv from her last semester. You’re doing it for the exercise, remember? And because you love to dance, not because you care what a bunch of dance majors who are strangers think. Keep it light-hearted and don’t let it get you when you don’t get it right. Just brush it off.” And I do. And I’ve transformed into what I remember being at EFYs and Youth Conferences (these are like workshops and get-togethers for youth in the LDS church): Bouncy, spunky, perky, devil-may-care, and chattery to anyone and everyone. Actually what the epitome of (blonde) Jenn from HS was. Is, if she’s not dead by now.

Sometimes a sense of apathy can be a good thing.