Daily Archives: September 27, 2006

In Celebration of Double-Two Day…

From the brave and admirable moonhut: Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to write a blog/journal entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself.

1. My favorite memory of a birthday party is in the Princess Jeanne house. I was either 12 or 14, and had invited several girl friends, from both school and church. We pushed back the couches against the wall and did the Macarena for hours into the night, over and over and over again. My dad joined us at one point, and we convinced my best friend Sarah to join in because she didn’t want to. My siblings had joined in until it was their bedtime, and even when we were tired of it, we had the entire living room floor to ourselves, in the dark, whispering and musing until we rolled over and slept.

2. I’m also remembering another birthday when I was probably 16 or 17. It was me, Jenn, Jenny, and Beth (I think. Beth, do you remember this?) We slept inside until my parents were asleep, and then had the bright idea to go take our blankets and pillows and sleep outside on the trampoline. I had fond memories of doing so with my siblings and my friends had never done it, so we went. I think we got attacked by the sprinklers sometime in the night and my friends went inside, so I woke up alone to the rising of the sun. My biggest memory of that birthday was my three sleepy friends sitting at my kitchen table, listening to my dad babble on about something while cooking pancakes and smirking to themselves at his verbosity. My friends were all so gorgeous, sitting there in the sunlight with empty plates in their hands, feeling uncomfortable, with no makeup or hair done and in their PJs.

3. Today was supposed to be my productive day at doing homework, but instead I fell asleep reading for my ASL class, talked on the phone with my parents, and dinked around here. Oh, well. It’s my birthday. It’s excusable.

4. I love afghans. They’re just so cuddly and warm and firmly soft (if that makes sense; they’re not soft like down comforters or like velvet). I have a brightly multicolored, striped one on the bed now that Just’In’s Grandma Ward made before she died.

5. I got a scarf for my birthday from Just’In’s mom on Saturday, and I love it more and more as I wear it. In some lights it looks dark brown and blueish-grey, and in other lights, it looks olive green and light green. It’s got old lady flowers on it and it’s made of this sheeny silk and it’s just awesome.

6. My parents recall the birth-story of each of their children on their birthdays. I got renditions of that story from both parents today, through seperate phone calls. I never get tired of hearing it, though I’ve heard it at maximum twenty-two times.