Daily Archives: September 9, 2006

You Wear Flowers, That’s The Funny Thing- You Don’t Even Try

Today on my lunch break, I was sitting inside my Local Sandwich Place eating. I found I could look through the plastic plating that seperates customer from Sandwich-Making Station, through the Drive-Through Window, and out to a dining area outside. I watched a couple, they might have been high schoolers or young-looking college kids (because that does happen- Just’In and I are really young-looking). I had the perfect view of both of them through the Drive-Through window; they were sharing a two-liter bottle of what looked like a lemon-lime flavored brand. She had her arm around his shoulders the whole time and would bring her hand to the top of his head from the back sometimes. He did most of the talking, and they varied from joking and laughing to getting to know each other. It was clearly a date; he burped and she laughed lightly, they laughed as they passed the bottle back and forth, he led as they picked up their stuff and walked to the car, she stood up and conscientiously adjusted her pants because they’d slipped up from her sitting position. It was an interesting observation on human behavior. I didn’t hear anything of their conversation; she could feel someone watching her but didn’t look around look much for someone’s eyes. His attention was all on her, lightly, trying to make her laugh casually, confident of himself in a very happy way. It’s been the highlight of my day. It makes me wonder whether Just’In and I are like that. I know we were very concentrated on each other in those many dates; physical experiences like touching each other were electric and “very stimulating” [as Worf says in the season finale of Star Trek: Next Generation]. Now, they’re still pleasurable, but assuring and certain.