Bubbles on a Porch–Blessings Blown on Breezes

We have lots of activities we do with Toby. His current favorite is sitting on the porch while one of us blows bubbles in his general direction. Because it’s his favorite, he requests it several times a week. While I sit outside and watch his reactions to the bubbles that are floating around, I’ve concocted an analogy that could has the tone of an Email forward.

Imagine we are each Toby, and Heavenly Father is blowing the bubbles, using an ordinary hand-held bubble wand and inferior bubble solution in a small screw-top container. Children in a group react toward bubbles like hyenas to fallen prey; each of us is alone with Him on a sunny porch.

The bubbles He blows are blessings that we can touch and see. We beg and plead for bubbles to be blown, for blessings to float above us so we can see them. But bubbles are unpredictable–they don’t come from the wand at a regular rate, the air currents on a porch aren’t consistent, and the soapy solution comes from a dollar store via China. So sometimes, we stare instead at the cars in the parking lot or the birds in the sky.

When bubbles do appear, they float right past us. Heavenly Father gasps, “Oh, look– how awesome!” but by the time we turn, the large blessing has popped and we’ve missed the wonder Heavenly Father had hoped to share.

Sometimes, we are waiting and watching, but we’re faced in the wrong direction; the bubbles get caught by an air current and quickly float out over the porch; Heavenly Father smiles when a neighbor shouts, “Look! Bubbles from up there! Cool!”

Sometimes, we will have our back to Heavenly Father to watch other bubbles, and from His direction, more bubbles will float over our shoulder into our field of vision.

Maybe Heavenly Father feels accomplished and pleased when we see the effort he’s put into those blessings–all that breath can get tiring, and blowing bubbles in our direction while we stare at other things is discouraging. If we’re not watching, He’ll stop because he feels like it’s wasted effort. When we see that he’s not blowing, we ask again for bubbles.

Heavenly Father can often tell when a bubble will emerge from His wand; the film is spread just so across the holes. Sometimes, he doesn’t know how big it will be. Sometimes, he hopes we will reach to touch it or watch it as it lands and pops, leaving a satisfyingly round puddle. It popped, out of reach, but at least we saw it in its creation.

This bubbles to blessing analogy seems incomplete. I might add more insights later as I continue to take the parent role. I gain more and more insight on how Heavenly Father must feel toward us. Do you have anything to add? Do you see a bubble of inspiration that I missed, something that might fit into this cloud of soap?


About The Original Kate

Along with artistic tendencies, Kate enjoys unusual people and is constantly striving for some sort of nonconformity. Kate offers a perspective that is thoughtful but well-written and full of images within the words. Other tidbits that might intrigue: she has very long auburn hair, and, you guessed it, her favorite color is orange.

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