Shoes, Sandals, Slippers–Honestly Describe Your Collection

“A girl’s shoe collection gives some description of who she is.”

I’m quoting myself. Five years ago, I made an inventory of all the shoes I owned. And because it came to mind and this list is fun to look back on, I think I’ll do it again. Ready?

-Black but multi-colored polka-dot galoshes. The dots are every color but pink, which pleases me. And there’s a buckle at the top of the boots, which lets me adjust the wideness of the opening. I like the look of the little detail, and the fact that it’s functional is even cooler.

-Orange suede knee-high boots with no heel. They served me well for tromping in the snow and now have a cardboard insert inside to try to prolong their life. My shoes lately wear down the heel on one side so that I end up stepping on the side of my shoe and wearing that away. I love these because of the brown, fuzzy line that goes up the side; it accentuates the curve of my leg, even though the boots are flat.

-Navy blue pointed dress flats. These were meant to replace the black patent leather ballet flats I had and the metallic pewter flats with a criss-cross on the top; both of these pairs wore out. It seems these flats are too dressy to be used as everyday flats. They clack when I walk, and I still haven’t worn them in completely. They’re still cool; they have a black lacing on the tops that remind me of the yellow roping on military dress jackets.

-Those hiking boots that were in the last collection as well. They’ve served me well, which is surprising for product from Mart of Wal.

-Clear jellies. Yes, like the many pairs of jellies I loved as a kid, only in my size. And yes, they’re as awesome as they were then, and still just as hard to wear in.

-Blue tennis shoes. I wore these everyday when working for the dollar store, but I bought them to replace another pair of tennis shoes I once had. They’re slim sneakers, with a sole that is very narrow in the center of the shoe so that it looks like the white stripes wrap all the way around my foot. They don’t protect ankles and are not thick anywhere. The last thing I want is to be active but clunky. Other than that, pretty nondescript. Blue, white laces, ho hum.

-Navy strappy sandals. These are really hard to describe; they make two sets of Xs across my foot and connect with a buckle. I’d love to replace them with some silver gladiator sandals, but don’t really want to go through the effort of finding something that specific. The bottoms are starting to peel away to expose the thin layer of foam underneath. These probably won’t last much longer.

-Black witch boots, ankle-length. The shoelaces clack against the shoe louder than the heel itself; this amuses me.

-Mid-thigh chunky heeled boots. Black, vinyl. You know, the classic that every girl has had or should have? Mine haven’t worn out yet.

-Ukraine slippers: My dad bought these for me on a business trip. They are mainly a black suede with blue faux fur on the opening. They’re pointed, fur lined, with wooden baubles on the laces. They have a cool burnt sienna bric-a-brac along the bottom edge, and no solid soles. I’ve switched to wearing them purely indoors because I love them so.

-:Low-heeled ankle boots. These are a version of the black high-heeled boots I own. Same heel, same material, but the brown is almost burgandy and the height is much more manageable. These are nice for everyday wear on days where it rains enough to cause puddles, but when I want something dressier than galoshes.

–Blue sparkle Converses. I’ve found I like wearing these with a pair of thigh-high grey socks, so the edges of the Converses show off my ankles. I like this effect, so I think I’ll get a pair of saddle shoes to replace the Cons–they’re splitting at the line where the cloth meets the rubber lip of the sole, as is inevitable. The inner side of the left shoe has completely split apart, as have both heels. The saddle shoes thing is ironic because, as a kid, my mom was always trying to persuade me to buy a pair of saddle shoes; I often considered them, but always ended up picking something else.

–Wrap-up-the-leg sandal flats. The sandal itself goes through the big gap in the toes, and the entire wrap-around-the-foot part is black cloth. There are two cloth straps that can wrapped around in several different ways. They look like a simplified version of Sseko sandals, which I drool over.

-Red, slip into slippers with a really basic sole. In fact, these are just overall really basic, so I don’t feel afraid to use them for camping and outside activities, like schleping around on our porch with a curious little boy.

-Brown, almost red leather shoes with a brass buckle on the front. I’ve fallen in love with these lately. They’re slightly pointed and slender, but they still look like men’s shoes. The buckle and the flap over the top makes them look like something a leprechaun would wear, which is just fine with me. I wear them to church with dresses and everywhere else.

-And lastly, teal, white and brown flats for $2 at a retail store. The colors are roped together and twisted in the front. I’m sure you’ve seen these flats before, but I’ve gotten so many compliments on these that the bargain story is just more and more fun to tell.

There’s quite a comparison between five years ago and now. I have more shoes because I have more room to keep them; the three pairs of boots live in a cupboard, and the shoes that don’t stay in my closet-hanging organizer are kept on top of Just’In’s shoe cubby–and not strewn all over the apartment wherever I kick them off.

Still, as you can tell from these notes, there are quite a few worn pairs and some that will soon be replaced. Maybe a conscious shoe-culling mindset is in order.


About The Original Kate

Along with artistic tendencies, Kate enjoys unusual people and is constantly striving for some sort of nonconformity. Kate offers a perspective that is thoughtful but well-written and full of images within the words. Other tidbits that might intrigue: she has very long auburn hair, and, you guessed it, her favorite color is orange.

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