A Free Surprise–Aren’t You Glad I Saved It?

In our last apartment, while I was pregnant and while it was still spring, Just’In and I were walking through the complex, coming home from a date. We often complained to each other of the trash bags that gathered around the dumpsters because everyone was too lazy to heft it into the dumpsters. It was a large complex, and we walked past lots of dumpsters.

The same with furniture, though I suspect some residents thought we were more of a community that had the unspoken curbside rule–you know, the one that says that if you put furniture out near the dumpster, it’s free if anyone wants it. We saw furniture sit out for weeks that didn’t get taken by trash collection or anyone else. We suspect the apartment maintenance did something about it periodically.

Anyway, pregnant woman and her man walkin’ down the sidewalk. Somehow, we spotted a piece of furniture by a dumpster.

Chrome, curved, and without cushions. It looked like a patio chair to me. The pregnant woman gained a gleam in her eye. Her man eyed it critically.

Just’In turned to me and said, “Do you like it enough for me to lug it home and put it on our porch?”

I deliberated and said, “Yes. Yes, I do.”

So he did. Heavy old thing. And I spread blankets on the slats and used it often to sit outside, with a book in the sun. I sat on it to spray paint lamp parts. I admired my container garden and the foliage of the tree that grew outside the porch.

When we loaded our moving truck to get out of Utah, we had forgotten the chair until the very last. We were standing in the dark, in front of a stuffed-almost-to-the-door, loaded up to the roof truck with several pieces of large furniture in front of us. The chair was one of them.

At one point, Just’In looked at me and then looked at it and told me, “When we get there, I’ll buy you a better one.”

I told him, “I don’t want a better one; I like this one.” So it came with us. And other things didn’t.

I still love it. Lately, I’ve been contemplating how to build a cushion for it. The slats are close enough that a twenty-minute sit isn’t uncomfortable, but the chair does look funny. I think it needs something bright, like yellow or an orange print.

It would help if I could find what cushion originally came with it
, I thought. Maybe I can find someone who’s selling it online and structure my creation after what used to accompany it.

I remembered to do so tonight. After skimming the shopping results and eleven pages of image results of “chrome outdoor chair”, I groaned. Just watch; Wal-Mart sells this. I have horrible taste. I decided to click on the “More Results” button at the bottom to scan one more page before going to bed.

The first result on the new set of images made my heart jump–there it is!

For almost $500? No way. Especially not from a direct wholesaler website. I searched for “Barcelona chair” and discovered that, indeed, the answer is, “No.” It’s not for almost $500– it’s featured on a website I’ve often visited for excellent design.

For $4,523. And that’s the low-end.

I don’t like leather, but I do like excellent design. And the price tag—almost trash. We’re not getting rid of it now; I refuse.


About The Original Kate

Along with artistic tendencies, Kate enjoys unusual people and is constantly striving for some sort of nonconformity. Kate offers a perspective that is thoughtful but well-written and full of images within the words. Other tidbits that might intrigue: she has very long auburn hair, and, you guessed it, her favorite color is orange.

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  1. The Original Kate

    Since this post, I’ve found that there are much cheaper copies of the low-end model I’ve linked to here.They still cost several hundred dollars, and it’s still more than we’d pay for furniture. The point of trash discovered as treasure is still here. Just a little muted than before.

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