A Matter of When, or, The Latest Developments

I’m still pregnant. I was due yesterday. Because the baby hasn’t come out on its own, I went to a non-stress test today at the hospital I’m delivering. To test the baby’s liquid levels, heartrate relative to its movement, and all that jazz. Just to make sure its still a healthy baby while it refuses to come out. Just to be sure there’s not a physical reason it’s not coming out.

This uses audio ultrasound and motion-sensitive monitors. Even though I made sure to eat a good meal before I went to the appointment so the baby would move around a lot, the baby only kinda passed the test. If it didn’t pass at all, I wouldn’t be sitting here, typing this out; I’d be in labor and delivery, being induced out of fear for the baby’s health. If it passed with flying colors, we’d still be in the hospital twice a week, doing more of these tests, until it comes out on its own, probably out of madness or boredom or claustrophobia.

The middle ground between passing wonderfully and failing miserably is going in tomorrow for another test instead of next week. A re-take, basically. Another really good meal, only this one can’t be timed because tomorrow is a Saturday. Only the labor and delivery part of the building will be open, and they’ll call me when they want me to come in. Oh, boy.

If I’m not induced because the kid fails one of these non-stress tests, I’ll be induced because my doctor is no longer delivering at this particular hospital. She’ll be on this stage until next Saturday, which marks the end of the month, and then she’s moving with the rest of the show to a new location. The entire doctor’s office–all the physicians and nurses and paintings and equipment and office girls– is moving down the road. Way down the road. Their last day open at this location–two bus rides away, equivalent to about half an hour’s travel for me– is Wednesday. On which day, my doctor and I will discuss induction options.

If not for one reason, then for another. Unless I start labor right now. Or… now. Or right… now. sigh. And I’m actually in good spirits about all this. Either that, or I’m slightly anxious, but apparently both of those feelings are normal. If it were my choice, we’d all just kinda wait until the baby is ready to come out, even if it’s in two weeks’ time. The doctor offered to strip my membranes at my last appointment, which is a technique that might encourage labor, and I declined. Part of it was because she warned me that it would be more painful that the cervical examination she’d just performed, but the other part is because I want to give the baby every chance I can to let it come when it wants. Without me prodding or pushing or shouting in its ear.

I could eat spicy food every night or introduce sperm into the mix or take a ride around the complex with all its speed bumps. Or ask for induction before it’s medically necessary for some little one’s health. Induction isn’t a desirable action here at Explore with Twine. It might be unavoidable at this point, with all these obstacles, but not desirable.


About The Original Kate

Along with artistic tendencies, Kate enjoys unusual people and is constantly striving for some sort of nonconformity. Kate offers a perspective that is thoughtful but well-written and full of images within the words. Other tidbits that might intrigue: she has very long auburn hair, and, you guessed it, her favorite color is orange.

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  1. Try nipple stimulation, also there is a pressure point in your ankle that can sometimes trigger labor.
    Hang in there! Hopefully Baby will be making their appearance very soon!

  2. Try nipple stimulation, also there is a pressure point in your ankle that can sometimes trigger labor.
    Hang in there! Hopefully Baby will be making their appearance very soon!

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