San Antonio Trip Snapshots: An Evening With My Siblings

There were five of us there: me, Paul, Curtis, Holly, and Sophie. The parental unit and Kenny went to the hotel because they were tired and didn’t want to go shopping with us. They rode the bikes we rented that morning.

I stood in a shop window for maybe two minutes while four of my siblings were picking out the basketball shorts they came back for. I stood perfectly still, in a walking position, with my mouth half-open, just so. The only thing I moved were my eyelids, blinking furiously, and the only thing I changed in my appearance was that I dropped my notebook behind me before I began my pose.

After those two minutes, I had a group of three teenagers stop and stare, trying to decide whether I was real or not. Then a group of five people with a stroller, walking the opposite direction, also stopped. I held it for thirty seconds as they discussed in hushed tones whether I was real. Then I burst into laughter, exploding as I turned around and walked away.

With the basketball shorts purchased, we walked into a hat store. I was just kind of following the crowd, but as soon as I realized where I was, I told myself I had way too many hats, then starting shopping seriously for something I might want to buy. Had we stayed in the store thirty seconds longer, I would have happily bought another hat. Note: If you bought me hats for every Christmas and birthday for the next ten years, I would be perfectly happy with each gift.

As my four siblings sat on a bus bench to wait for the trolley, I watched them make up a game and then play it happily for about an hour. It had to do with picking landmarks around us that were situated in a triangle and then trying to guess what object was supposed to be in the middle. Considering I’ve spent what feels like an eternity on bus benches, it felt satisfying to see part of my family fill one. I sat on the concrete slab next to the bench as Holly took several pictures of us with her phone and Curtis pointed out the details of what he wants in a truck. Sophie, age 11, wants a motorcycle; she shouted to every motorcycle that passed that she loved their bike.

She also initiated the waving game, a game that Paul, Curtis and I played in Albuquerque, sitting on the wall around our backyard. The wall faced a busy neighborhood street, and the point was to wave at everyone and see who waves back, who smiles, who nods, and who honks. When the bus came (because it was called a trolley but was really in bus form), we occupied the five seats in the very back that line the back wall of the bus and face the windshield. I pointed out several bus-riding tips that I’ve learned over these last three years, and Holly took more pictures. Then someone whipped out an unsharpened pencil and we all tried to balance it on the bridges of our noses. Holly laughed as I tried to press a groove in my bridge and Sophie tried to roll out a groove on hers.

Apparantly, though we don’t all look much alike, we all have slight bumps on the bridges of our noses that allow us to balance pencils there. We probably spent an hour and a half on the bus, and a lady sitting near us was greatly entertained by our antics. Each of us in turn shrugged and grinned at her; we definitely enjoy each other’s company.


About The Original Kate

Along with artistic tendencies, Kate enjoys unusual people and is constantly striving for some sort of nonconformity. Kate offers a perspective that is thoughtful but well-written and full of images within the words. Other tidbits that might intrigue: she has very long auburn hair, and, you guessed it, her favorite color is orange.

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