That Underwear is Really, Um…

I’m a Mormon, and I wear garments. You’ve probably heard of them if you don’t wear them yourself. They kinda look like this. You might think that this things are frumpy and ugly; that’s what the website where I snagged this picture complains about. That’s what I thought when I saw my parents in them as a kid.

But I feel hot in garments. I mean, I feel really attractive in them; admittedly, that extra layer of cloth does make the hot weather worse. The problem with the garments in the pic is that they’re wearing them way too loosely and they chose the wrong styles.

But first some basics: We buy these garments in a store (or on a website) just like any other underwear. They’re associated with covenants that we as adults make in the temple. There are marks on them that remind us of very certain things; they also give us a slightly higher standard of modesty in dress. Here’s an example: as a teenager, I always wore shirts with sleeves and tried to get shirts that didn’t show my belly. It was just a personal standard I chose to follow. Now, that personal standard is reflected further in my underwear; the garments have sleeves that are a certain length and a neckline that’s really definite. If I’ve been following that personal standard, it’s just reinforced by these temple reminders.

Of course, the garment designers realize that there are lots of women’s styles. Thus, there are lots of different styles of garments. Some are cut so we can wear V-neck blouses; for some buxom women, those are the only kinds of blouses available. The garments come in different materials; the silky kind, like in the pic I linked to, and the cotton kind that’s trimmed with a small lace for women. I wear the cotton kind. I think the silky kind is too expensive and unnecessary. Plus, I rather like the lace trim around my garments; it’s small and as un-feminine as lace can get. Plus, the style I wear makes it look just like a T-shirt with a round neck and flutter sleeves.

For men, they have different styles, too. The underwear part comes in boxer style or brief style. They both have that longer leg, but their choice of style just depends on how loose they like their underwear, just like every other man in America. Men’s garments also come with the shirt in that droopy fashion in the pic, or in a T-shirt fashion so it just looks like an undershirt.

I’m obviously not as familiar with the men’s fashions as I am with the chicks’. But I do know that the last time we went to buy garments (because all clothes wear out and get stained; more on that later), the saleslady accidentally got Just’In the wrong kind of bottoms; he asked for boxers, and he got briefs. For some reason, they don’t let us return them once we’ve opened the package. I think it’s a dumb rule, but it’s probably for sanitary and safety purposes. I’m glad the lady made the mistake; I think he looks hot in his briefs.

He wears them tightly like I do; if you’re small like us, and you buy one of each of the smallest sizes, you can figure out which is the best fit and go back for more. Thus, they’re not baggy and frumpy like this pic. They’re actually rather form-fitting. My bottoms often look like hotshorts with an inch or two added. The jersey-type cloth is white and almost see-through, and without my bra (which I wear on top of the garments; no more itchy breasts), the top is quite revealing.

They’re good at reducing the amount of laundry I do, too. Because I do all my sweating (and all the other stuff) into my garments, my bra is never dirty and neither are my shirts. One more small nitpick about that garment pic: she wears her shirt tucked in. I swear, that’s the most uncomfortable way to wear these things; I wear my shirt out. The only exception is if the pants I’m wearing have a waistline that’s too low and the garment shirt pokes out. I don’t want people to see my underwear, not because it’s secret, but because, well, it’s underwear. If you show your bra in the real world, you’re being slutty or intimate. If you show your boxers, most people think it’s disgusting.

All in all, though, I love being in my garments. I think they’re really attractive. It’s all in how you wear them.

About The Original Kate

Along with artistic tendencies, Kate enjoys unusual people and is constantly striving for some sort of nonconformity. Kate offers a perspective that is thoughtful but well-written and full of images within the words. Other tidbits that might intrigue: she has very long auburn hair, and, you guessed it, her favorite color is orange.

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