The Snow Pile in Front of One Bus Stop is Completely Melted… Hooray!

After a relatively normal day– now that I’m hopefully getting the hang of this work– I took a different bus home than usual. I don’t exactly know why; it had something to do with being frustrated that I might have missed the bus I rushed out of work to catch, the ache in my feet, and the oncoming cold/dark. But I found some interesting things because of the change.

Ome of those new things was a girl named Stacy while waiting for the connecting bus. It was just she and I, sitting on the bench in the dark, and for some reason, she was excited to meet me and eager to listen to me. We work a few blocks away from each other and have, I suspect, very different lives. But the fifteen-minute wait definitely wasn’t a long enough time to chat. Stacy, I hope you enjoy this journal of mine; it’s probably a lot more interesting than Email.

Another amusing thing came when I got on my connecting bus. The Lady With The Gorgeous Hair was there, sitting in her usual spot. She looks at least part Japanese, but her hair is white with black streaks that she always wears in the most impeccable French twist. She folds her bus schedules into tiny squares so she can run her nails along the appropriate times and not look awkward by so much paper. I see her often on the buses, but she’s often asking the bus drivers which is the best way to get to where she wants to go.

She seemed especially nervous today. She kept saying, “Oh, God,” in such a surprised tone at nothing that seemed particularly surprising. It wasn’t until she got off that I understood. It wasn’t until the bus driver explained to me why he was waiting at the green light that I saw why she was so jittery.

He told me she was afraid of being assaulted or raped by men. She was apparantly panicky when he picked her up because there was a man standing there at another nearby bus stop. She was convinced that he was going to rape her just because he was a man. She was also nervous as to what stop to get off at for fear someone would spring out at her in the dark, so the bus driver promised to wait at his stop while she crossed the street and until her connecting bus came. “There is a difference between being cautious and being paranoid,” I told the driver as he honked at the connecting bus and went his own way.

I got off at my own stop and picked up the mail. We had two packages; what with my leftover lunch and the two packages, my hands were full. I found a grocery bag of eight oranges hanging on my doorknob and promptly dropped a package and my leftovers. The oranges are huge and there is no note accompanying them. They’re beautiful and I look forward to eating them. I hope they were really meant for me.

I also found a full bag of chocolate on my pillow. My sweetheart knew I left today feeling the drudge of routine and raided the Valentine’s day candy at the grocery store. He also bought really yummy-looking cinnamon rolls and potato rolls (we love bread), but didn’t buy milk, which is what we really need. I find it highly amusing.


About The Original Kate

Along with artistic tendencies, Kate enjoys unusual people and is constantly striving for some sort of nonconformity. Kate offers a perspective that is thoughtful but well-written and full of images within the words. Other tidbits that might intrigue: she has very long auburn hair, and, you guessed it, her favorite color is orange.

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