And For Some Reason I Feel Like Describing My Shoe Collection

I seem to have a shoe fetish lately. I ordered a pair of wrap-up-the-leg flat sandals from Victoria’s Secret’s clearance catalog that I’ve had my eye on for a year and a half.

I bought three pairs of shoes at various thrift stores today. I’ve been wanting to hit the thrift stores for quite some time, and I finally took the day to do so today. I feel so very proud of myself because I made four bus transfers in one trip to two stores, almost three had I not restrained myself not to pull the “Get Off” Rope as we passed it. It was a good reminder of the mindset one must have while thrift-store shopping: You can’t walk into the store wanting something specific.

I had the headache-and-hunger that accompany the hate for shopping until the Rule of Thrift-Store Shopping was remembered. I walked into the first store looking for specific-looking short-sleeved blouses and maybe a vest. After I was done, along with one vest, a really cool sweater and another long-sleeved button-up, I bought:

-a pair of “witch shoes”, as dear hayley_beth24 puts it quite aptly,
-a pair of brown, worn-in, leather shoes that look like something my Grandpa Bob would wear,
-and a pointed, woven, reddish-brown pair of flats that are just fun.

Added to the stuff already in the closet:

-my Lime-Green loafers that are currently my everyday pair,
-my blue sparkly Converses,
-my white little-girl sandals,
-my knee-high classic-black boots,
-my Ukrainian slippers I used to wear to HS so now the bottoms have horrible holes in them (Dad bought them in Ukraine as a gift while on a business trip),
-a $2 wooden pair of flip-flops from Old Navy with cool buckles on the tops,
-those black strappy heels I got as a hand-me-down from an older girl at church,
-the dark-blue criss-cross sandals that need another buckle-hole in them because they’re stretching,
-a pair of boat shoes with zigzags drawn onto the sides of one shoe,
-a pair of black, used-to-be-suede ankle-high boots with this cool wrinkly thing built in that leak when I use them in snow or rain because they’re so worn,
-normal, Wal-Mart hiking boots,
-and these white tennis shoes I bought in the sixth grade (or whenever our first year of PE was that we had to have uniforms) that have since been stained green from mowing wet grass and that still fit.

And the only reason I can list these is because I’ve got this shoe organizer thing that hangs from the bar in the closet. I keep my shoes down to a minimum by making sure they all fit in the shoe rack. Except for the hiking boots, but only because we’re using one as a door stopper. The wind thinks our bedroom door is a toy.

Yeah, I don’t know why I list all the shoes I own. Partly for reference (because it’s fun to look back), and partly because I think a girl’s shoe collection gives some description of who she is. And it’s a fun writing exercise.


About The Original Kate

Along with artistic tendencies, Kate enjoys unusual people and is constantly striving for some sort of nonconformity. Kate offers a perspective that is thoughtful but well-written and full of images within the words. Other tidbits that might intrigue: she has very long auburn hair, and, you guessed it, her favorite color is orange.

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  1. I LOVE SHOES…I swear I have 20 pairs just here at college, and even more at home. =[ my mom thinks its unhealthy, she doens’t understand. but you have to tell me about these thrift stores…. i’m back for school & need things to do! i have always wanted to check out the ones around here, are they any good??

    • There’re four or five in the city. I went to Savers on Washington and the DI on Washington. I really like Savers, (even though yesterday it was overrun by Mexicans and all their family members) but my big shoe find was at the DI. There’re other thrift stores here that I didn’t hit yesterday. One’s on Wall; it’s called the Bargain Center. It’s not nearly as clean as Savers or the DI because it’s closer to what I know as a real thrift store, and I like it more for its dishes and accessories than for clothes. And the Salvation Army is probably my least favorite out of all of them, even though that’s where we got the dresser we have in our bedroom. The addresses are in the phone book.

      • lol i know savers is always so full of people. it makes me laugh. =] im back in town now so i will have to check some of these places out…how are you liking your week off??

      • I’ve technically only got three out of six days off (’cause Campus is closed on Sunday) because I work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday as a secretary. But it’s good. I’m sewing the edge of a blanket and watching lots of movies. CV crafts on Harrison is going out of business if you want to raid what they’ve got left. Forty percent off everything, and still enough stuff that you can make up a project to do; I found fleece, yarn and needles and thus making a blanket. Woo!! Yellow and Orange!!

  2. 1 pair brown men’s hiking boots
    1 pair white men’s Lugz (sneakers, I guess, but very gangsta)
    1 pair closed-toe black 2″ heels (sort of like Mary Jane’s, but not as cute)
    1 pair kneehigh, zip up suede boots w/ 4″ heel
    i pair low-top black Converse knock-offs
    1 pair black vinyl strappy 5″ stilettos
    1 pair knee-high lace-up black combat boots
    6 pairs of flip flops in various shades: black, green, light purple, silver, tan w/ turquoise straps, and orange with straps that light up as you walk
    Do these fit me fairly accurately? I feel like all I am missing are ballet slippers and a pair of bowling shoes (which I would actually like to have, now that I think about it).

    • Yeah, I think so. I drool at a lot of the stuff you’ve got there. I’ve wanted combat boots for awhile, but haven’t found anywhere that’ll sell them to me without me handing them an entire paycheck. The silver flip-flops sound awesome, as do the orange ones. Ballet slippers you can get at Order one item from them and they send you a catalo for awhile. I ordered leg warmers and now have my eye on some musical-theatre-type heels. You can get some shoes there relatively cheap that look like ballet slippers but only look like it.
      I find I can’t stand stilletos, or anything pointed or too high. My knee-high boots are about as high as I go, and those heels are chunky.

      • I hate to say this….but I really like the look of leg warmers. Not the crazy ugly type from the 80s…but the ones like dancers wear. It just makes the persons legs look all crazy long and stuff. So I dont mind at all that the leg warmer trend is coming back.
        I am gonna take a look at that store…ballet slipper look a likes seem rather awesome.

      • Go ahead. I get the catalog, and I don’t really know what the site looks like… I can point some stuff out if you want.

  3. ooooo shoes! I never really got into shoes until last year. In highschool I had under 5 pairs all together. But now…I have not enough. lol. Since I’m at work I’m listing off memory only.
    2 pairs of Vans (my favorites)
    1 pair of clunky black mary jane types
    1 pair of black strappy closed toe mary-jane wanna bes lol
    1 brown wedge with leather over the foot with butterfly cut outs
    1 brown wedge with straps and woven base
    1 pair of knee high seude boots (walk mart no less)
    1 black and brown wedge type with a silver buckle that does nothing but look awesome
    5 flip flops (black, green, blue, brown, & converse looking thing)
    and then a few more I dont wear all the time. including water shoes and running sneakers.
    Payless is starting to put out the fall line and I cant wait to raid it. lol

  4. OK, this is totally random, but I was looking through MySpace and checking out this really awesome band that I saw play back in May called the Phenomenauts (Mark and Greg took me). They are ridiculous punk/rockabilly with a space-themed twist, and they are SO fun. Anyways, I was checking their tour dates to see if they are coming anywhere close to New Haven. Sadly for me, they are not. However, they *are* playing in Ogden, and I am going to highly recommend that you go see them. Trust me, this is nerd rock at it’s finest.
    SO, here’s the run-down:
    The Phenomenauts
    Sept 11th, 7pm
    Club Boom Va
    plus a link so you can have a listen beforehand:

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