Only When I’m Bawling Can I Make Perfect Shots Into The Trash Can With Kleenexes

I have a week that’s frightingly normal and that flies by quickly, and then I have this week. It’s only Tuesday and already I’ve had all sorts of stuff happen to me. Ready?

~I lost my bus pass on Friday. I depend on that thing for mobility; it’s like losing your car keys. It was in my pocket at class in the middle of the day after using it that morning to get to class, and I took the bus home after class, and it wasn’t in my pocket then. The school gives us one free bus pass because they’re paid for by student fees. A replacement is fifty bucks. I’ve left my name with all the lost and founds it might be at (4) and none of them have it yet.

~I broke down last night. This week I’ve got two presentations, two papers due, an OBGYN appointment, a bank run I need to make before that, no bus pass, and adjustment to Daylight Savings Time. I fell asleep on the couch reading a book and woke up on the bed with my throat hurting, being out of breath because I’ve been screaming or laughing, and Just’In’s looming over me, laughing. I was so bewildered, I started crying.

Apparantly I wandered into the bedroom in my sleep, said something like, “Where’d you go?” and then laid on the bed. Just’In followed me and was persuading me to put my PJs on (he thinks sleeping full-clothed is unheard of) by tickling me to death. Apparantly I said stuff like, “But I already have my shoes off!” Of course, I don’t remember this, and this combined with stress, worrying, and exhaustion starts me crying an ocean and blowing my nose while Just’In explains over and over what I just did in my sleep. I then fell asleep on the bed feeling miserable after changing into PJs (and crying at the same time). One of my worst fears has come true: I now sleepwalk.

~Despite all the stress and white-hair-creating stuff, I did have a funny moment. I wore my technicolored dreamcoat today. Yes. Please. Ask. The piece of clothing itself begs to tell the story. It looks perfect on windy days, and today is definitely classified as one. Today, I’m crossing campus and I find myself walking next to this guy I’ve never met before. This guy is friendly, about my height, and black, and we soon discover that we’re both English majors. He comments on my dreamcoat and I say something like, “Yeah, it’s the closet thing I have to a trenchcoat because I’m a student and they’re really pricey.”

He turns to me (as we’re walking, with his voice; you know how it sounds) and asks me if I want a trenchcoat. I affirm, and he then tells me that he collects trenchcoats and would I like one of them? I say, “Sure,” just nonchalantly, and we keep talking and walking. He keeps going back to the subject of me owning a trenchcoat, and asks me, “So what color? Black or green?” I choose black, just because I’m not sure what shade of green and he’s a guy, so it’s unsure of whether his concept of green is my concept of green, and he tells me he’ll give me one of his. I’m still nonchalant at this time (craving nonchalantness amid such a stressful week) but he goes back to the subject of how to make the exchange because we’re standing in a computer lab by then and I’m taking out papers to make copies.

I hesistate and realize he’s serious, then, as I tear out a piece of paper from my little black book, I tell him my husband will laugh when I tell him I gave out my number to a guy today. I tell him to call me when he has free time and he walks away. My only thought is: “Huh. I might get a free trenchcoat. Cool.” Now I realize I should have given him my Email address instead. I’m never easy to get ahold of on the phone, and I communicate better with written words anyway.

About The Original Kate

Along with artistic tendencies, Kate enjoys unusual people and is constantly striving for some sort of nonconformity. Kate offers a perspective that is thoughtful but well-written and full of images within the words. Other tidbits that might intrigue: she has very long auburn hair, and, you guessed it, her favorite color is orange.

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